Basics and COVID-19 Hygiene Rules

Updated on 20 June 2022


For in studio classes please notice the following regulations:

  • Please use the Pre-registration booking online in advance via Fitogram (on our website) or via the USC app. With Urban Sports Club, M memberships you can join 4 times a month and with Membership L you can join 8 times a month
  • Only upfront payment, no cash register on-site
  • We request to arrive at the studio around 10 minutes before a class starts. Once the class has started the studio door is locked
  • We can provide a mat but we recommend to bring your own mat if you feel uncomfortable for hygienic reasons. We also recommend to be ready in your yoga clothes
  • The studio is on the 4th floor. Please ring the bell, scroll down the screen and pick “4.3 Yoga Studio Santosha”. Please do not ring the neighbour’s bell, sometimes it takes time to open the door. If the door doesn’t open please call us at 030-27582947. We will come down to open the door
  • If you are not feeling well please stay home

We thank you in advance for understanding and helping us hold these hygiene measures.
We will keep our studio clean, ventilated, and hygienic according to the regulations.