Our Team

Meet the people behind Santosha Yoga Studio.


Yoga Teacher (EN/JP)

Mika is from Japan. She has been teaching since 2007. She always feels that teaching is learning. She would like her students to explore, release, experience inner and outer transformation–and have fun. She aims to share the importance of connecting the stillness inside ourselves, of continual challenges and of observing to one’s own body-mind state as growth and transformation.

– 500h Yoga teacher training with Louisa Sear from Yoga Arts (Yoga Alliance®-500h registered Yoga course)
– Restorative Yoga teacher training and Pranayama teacher training  with Cyndi Lee from OM Yoga



Daisuke is originally from Tokyo, Japan and he is co-founder of Yoga Studio Santosha Berlin together with Mika. He is a Japanese cuisine chef in Berlin and spontaneously holds pop up food events (Vegetarian/Vegan) in cool locations and venues in Berlin.

Solveig Linn

Yoga Teacher (EN/DE)

Solveig Linn found yoga to be the first movement class she ever participated in which was all about appreciating and celebrating your own body, without any specific goals or the notion of competition. Instead, everyone simply joins in together.

That made her fall in love with yoga so much that she wanted to deepen her knowledge, therefore she took part in her first 200h yoga teacher training in India in March 2019. Without necessarily planning on teaching yoga, she enjoyed the process of teaching so much that she started straight away after coming back to Berlin.

In 2021 she took part in a 300h teacher training. Yoga is a journey and Solveig Linn is excited to keep learning with the people participating in her classes.


Yoga Teacher (EN)

Henna has been fascinated by yoga for over 15 years, and has been to many places to learn and experience it. In 2014, she relocated to Berlin from Korea and it was here that she developed a connection to the power of yoga in healing the mind and empowering life. In wanting to share the benefits of yoga with others, she decided to become a yoga teacher and is now eager to have you join her on her adventure.


Yoga Teacher (EN)

Fiona’s love affair with yoga began over 8 years ago, when she found solace in combining physical movement with inner stillness. Her approach to yoga centers around personal exploration, empowerment, and mindfulness.

Fiona’s classes are an invitation to take time out of your daily routine to re-set, re-charge, and find balance. She’s grateful to be able to share space and movement with the community, and looks forward to learning together.