Our Team

Meet the people behind Santosha Yoga Studio.


Yoga Teacher (EN/JP)

Mika is from Japan. She has been teaching since 2007. She always feels that teaching is learning. She would like her students to explore, release, experience inner and outer transformation–and have fun. She aims to share the importance of connecting the stillness inside ourselves, of continual challenges and of observing to one’s own body-mind state as growth and transformation.

– 500h Yoga teacher training with Louisa Sear from Yoga Arts (Yoga Alliance®-500h registered Yoga course)
– Restorative Yoga teacher training with Cyndi Lee from OM Yoga


Yoga Teacher (DE)

Ich unterrichte Yoga und Pilates. Ich habe Yoga angefangen, weil ich früher wegen meinem Bürojob unter schwere Kopf-, Nacken- und Schulterschmerzen gelitten habe. Durch Yoga habe ich gemerkt, dass meine Schmerzen weggegangen sind und dass ich mich körperlich und geistig besser gefühlt habe. Diese Erfahrung hat mich inspiriert, Yogalehrerin zu werden.

Seit einigen Jahren praktiziere ich auch Pilates. Yoga und Pilates sind ähnlich, aber haben verschiedene Wirkungen. Regelmäßige Übung von Yoga und Pilates ermöglicht es uns, unsere Körper und Muskeln zu verstärken und unseren Geist zu beruhigen.

Mein Ziel als Yoga- und Pilateslehrerin ist es, Menschen dabei zu helfen, ein weniger stressiges Leben zu führen und es mit mehr Freude zu genießen. Jeder und Jede ist herzlich willkommen!


Yoga Teacher (EN)

Hanna teaches ‘Real Yoga,’ a style she’s developed that is inclusive for everybody, and allows her to inject her authentic self into her teaching. Connecting breath with movement has allowed her to focus on how amazing the human body is, and how much it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect. A class with Hanna usually begins pretty chilled.

We warm up so we can start to flow, and move to the rhythm of our breath. Expect creative sequencing, lots of alignment cues, and enjoy experiencing traditional poses in a new way. Classes are a mixture of yin and yang, and are as easy or as challenging as you want to make them. (That means they are open level).

We end in a yoga bliss bubble. The beats are vibing, the jokes are bad, the yoga is real, the body and breath are yours. Namast’ay Real.


Yoga Teacher (EN)

Liza welcomes diverse bodies and open minds. Her classes are non competitive and inspired by whomever shows up in the moment. Liza creates an environment that supports insight learning and pattern recognition. Her intuitive teaching style is informed by her training in yoga therapy, ayurveda, thai massage and pain management.

Since 2016, Liza has been living in Berlin and sharing her understanding of Yoga. She is an Indian woman who grew up in the United Arab Emirates and studied at university in England. She later lived in Canada and owned her own Yoga studio in Toronto.

She continues to bring people together who are interested in Yoga beyond movement. Liza has been teaching for over a decade and sitting atop a mountain for many more.